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Flames Breakfast Menu

Served 7:30am to 11:30am

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Granola Bowl $12.90
Porridge Pot $12.90
Eggs on Toast $11.90
Bacon and Eggs$14.90
Breakfast Bruschetta$16.90
Pulled-Pork Omelet$13.90
Big Breakfast (available as vegetarian)$19.90
Eggs Benedict$15.90
Pulled Pork Benedict$15.90
Smoked Salmon and Avocado delight$19.90
Buttermilk Pancakes$12.90
Hot Porridge$11.90
Fruit Toast or Banana Bread or Croissant $5.90
Folded Omelette$14.90
Egg Confusion$14.90
Gym Junkie$19.90
Ham & Cheese Croissant$7.90
Fruit Toast$5.90
Banana Bread$5.90
Sourdough Toast$5.90
Extra Side Dishes
baked beans$2.50
Grilled Tomato $2.50
avocado $3.90
Homemade hash brown $2.50
bacon $3.90
Pork sausages (2pc) $3.90
smoked salmon $4.90

We use fresh free-range local farm eggs and 100% pure local honey. Our food contains nuts or traces of nuts.