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Flames Lunch Menu

Tue – Sun 11:30am to 2:30pm

AppetizersSaladsMain MealsKids MenuSide OrdersDessertsDrinks
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Tasting plate to share2px $16.90 / 4px $25.90
Herb & Garlic Bread$1.90
Soup of the Day $12.90
Seafood Crab Claws $14.90
Ham Toasty$9.90
Chicken Toasty $9.90
Ham and cheese croissant$9.90
Turkish Bread$12.90
Mussels (chilli optional) E $16.90 / M $29.90
Garlic PrawnsE $17.90/M $32.90
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Chicken Caesar Salad Half $13.90 / Full $19.90
Smoked Salmon Salad Half $14.90 / Full $21.90
Fried Calamari SaladHalf $13.90 / Full $19.90
Aranchini Half $13.90 / Full $19.90
Tandoori Chicken salad Half $13.90 / Full $19.90
Tempura PrawnsHalf $17.90 / Full $32.90
Pumpkin Feta Salad Half $13.90 / Full $19.90
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Main Meals
Steak Sandwich$19.90
Big Burger$19.90
Chicken & Avocado Wrap$15.90
Tandoori chicken burger$15.90
Fish & Chips Half $13.90 / Full $19.90
Grilled Fish$21.90
Nasi Goreng$21.90
Chicken Parmigiana Half $13.90 / Full $26.90
Penne Carbonara$15.90
Scotch Fillet$32.90
Lamb Chops$34.90
Fish of the Day$34.90
Chicken Wok (available as vegetarian dish) $22.90
Pulled Pork Risotto$26.90
Butter Chicken $22.90
Lamb Vindaloo (hot)$22.90
Beef Korma $22.90
Cheese Burger $15.90
Tandoori Chicken Pockets$15.90
Chicken Green Thai Curry$25.90
Chicken Risotto$15.90
Pork Scallopine$25.90
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Kids Menu
Chicken Nuggets & chips$12.90
Fish & Chips$12.90
Butter Chicken$12.90
Spaghetti Bolognese$12.90
Beef Burger & Chips$12.90
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Side Orders
Steamed vegetable$6.90
Mash potato$6.90
Garden Salad$6.90
Wedges & sour cream$6.90
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Cakes from the fridgefrom $3.90
Passion fruit cheesecake$4.90
Blueberry friand$4.90
Almond and Orrangefriand$4.90
Creme Brulee(gluten free) $6.90
Banana Split$8.90
Sticky Date Pudding $8.90
Chocolate Cake$8.90
Ice Cream Sundae $6.90
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Lemon lime & bitters$4.50
Coca cola/diet/zero, Fanta, Sprite, Lemon Squash, Lemonade$3.90
Ginger Beer$3.90
Ice Tea$3.90
Perier water$3.90
Jug of lemon lime & bitters$18.00
Jug of soft drink$14.00
Hot drinks:
Short espresso$3.50
Long black, Flat white, Cappuccino$4.00
Mugaccino, Long Macchiato$4.50
Cafe Latte, Hot Chocolate, Chai Late$4.00
Short Macchiato$4.00
Mocha, Cafe Vienna, Affagato$4.50
Iced coffee, Iced chocolate$5.90
Iced mocha$6.20
Tea /English breakfast, Earl grey Green, Peppermint, Camomile$4.00
Turmeric Late, Beetroot Late $4.50